Tuesday, March 29, 2016

House Rules...(I'm the Winner!)

                     Chez Moi gave me the perfect excuse to host game night at my place using the Leeloo Dining Room. I invited my friend, Reign over and she brought along her friend as back-up, reinforcement or whatever you want to call it. I deliver massive beat downs no matter what game we're playing so there's no way she was going to win under my roof. As. If. Doesn't she know? The house always wins! 
I'm wearing Legendaire Gia Outfit. This was perfect. I could be cute and comfortable at the same time. Always a must!

Featured above: Chez Moi Leeloo Dining Table and Chez Moi Leeloo Dining Chairs. The table has 9 colors and 12 scenes to choose from while the (copyable) chair has 9 textures and 29 adjustable single animations. You can see them all (not the animations) here: Chez Moi Leeloo Dining Set

Here is the complete set. To see it up close and personal, visit Chez Moi's Inworld Store or you can purchase the Leeloo Dining Set Complete from  MP.

(A special thank you to Reign and her friend, Terrell for joining me for this post! Thank y'all!)